Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Back in 1998, the founder of, Sandy Earon had already started working on her first website. Four years earlier she operated one of the few privately owned dial-up BBS systems. This pre-dated the internet by several years. The BBS was named GEM which stood for Graphic Electronic Magazine and was operated as one of the first graphical interfaces over dialup connections in the entire USA.

Once Motzilla developed the first web browsers Sandy jumped on the chance to make the switch to higher speed connections and implemented her first commercial websites, The early system was more of a passion of Sandy's love for the Georgia outdoors. Originally an Atlanta resident, Sandy's love of the outdoors and especially north Georgia had her moving further from the metro area. Her love of Georgia didn't end there. Many vacations and business trips to the coast opened up new sections of the website until eventually covering all of Georgia's 9 travel regions. This in turn brought an ever growing number of internet savy visitors to the website. For these many years it has served as a resource to residents as well as the many visitors to our state.

Today, Sandy is the owner and CEO of Aha-Media which publishes Her knowledge of of events, parks, hiking trails, and history of Georgia experienced through the many items listed within the website makes this recreational and travel resource a mainstay for people within Georgia. The website traffic often exceeds that of most local city newspapers, consistently ranking within the top 20,000 websites nationwide. It has become a Georgia resource fixture. Since Sandy has always focused on "Georgia Fun", it is one of the 2000 keywords that Google organically identifies when people want information about Georgia.