Thursday, 20 July 2017

postheadericon Georgia Top 25 Cities 2011

In the past 12 months, N-Georgia has been visited by 318 cities in the State of Georgia. Below is a list of the top 25 locations in our state. Total visits for the past 12 months is 826,403 visits from Georgia residents averaging 22 minutes per visit spend on the website. Visitors average 3.17 pages viewed per visit. Percentage from that city's visits is also displayed.

Advertising on N-Georgia can reach any targeted city in Georgia. 70 percent of all visitors live right here in Georgia! N-Georgia reached 1,193,688 visitors total for that 12 month period. That's 3,690,223 pageviews!

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postheadericon History

The beginnings of predates the internet and started as a hobby. In 1990,  when dial-up connections provided data connections, GEM was first in Georgia to provide information services about activities in the state. GEM stood for "Georgia Electronic Magazine", provided 6 dialup phone lines that allowed access to a graphical interface for searching information about recreational activities in Georgia. The original idea for the site came from Sandra Earon and her love of family outdoor activities in Georgia. She wanted to share these activities with other Georgians.

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