Thursday, 20 July 2017

postheadericon Boost Your On-line Ad Effectiveness

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Internet Marketing

Is your internet marketing as effective as it should be? Are you getting the clicks you expect from your advertising?  The latest research shows that there are several techniques that increase the attention your advertising receives on-line.

Some of these suggestions are rather basic, but often overlooked if you are a small business.


1. Phone number

Do your on-line ads include your business phone number? If not, you could be missing a phone call from someone looking for your product or service. The information they need may be directions to your business or an inquiry regarding product availability. Instead of a click, you get a call! This is an action taken by someone interested in your business.


2. Keywords

Do your on-line ads include keywords that attract customers to your business? Search engines use keywords to categorize every on-line business. Including those keywords in your ads increase the importance search engines place on that keyword and your website.


3. Images

Photos of your products or business can grab attention of your customers. Make them as colorful and informative as possible to get those extra clicks overlooked by your competitor.


4. Details

Your ads should include detailed descriptions of your product or services. The better the description, especially when they work well with keywords will increase the number of clicks you receive.


5. Videos

The internet is a multimedia wonderland for advertisers. Videos can demonstrate products to potential customers and provides an excellent way to display special features.


6. Coupons

On-line coupons offers are growing in numbers. Search savvy users look for bargains when they search for products. Many businesses offer coupons only available on-line. This can include actions such as registration to build your customer emailing address list.

Taking a fresh look at the way you advertise on-line can increase the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Take every advantage you can to increase your market.