Thursday, 20 July 2017

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Internet usage in the USA grew again this year even though the economy is in a slump. The graph above now shows that 78.3 percent of Americans have high speed internet connections. The internet's popularity over the years has reduced reliance upon the US Postal Service, printed publications, commercial radio and television.


This year we have seen the first reductions of residential cable TV accounts as new online services such as Netflix and Hulu provide access to HD movies to be viewed from the new flat screen TV equipment now replacing older tube televisions. Most flat screen digital TVs offer the flexibility to connect to computer monitors allowing a wider range of video viewing from sources such as YouTube, Flickr, and content from social media sites that the entire family can enjoy. While there are still limitations in accessing the current network and cable TV shows, many of these are available online a week or so later from the networks themselves. One benefit to consumers, online TV shows tend to have a smaller number of commercials. Many of these are displayed with a countdown timer which reduce the urge by viewers to mute the commercials

As the cable industry begins to see their cable TV subscriptions drop, high speed internet accounts will continue to increase over the next few years.